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 Middle Reader-Careful Content
 Jokester/Thrill Seeker/Party Animal
 Answerman/What If Guy
 Heart/Home/Friends Forever
 Joan of Arc/Empath
 Wild Thing/Annie Oakley/Mirette
 Character Building Curriculum
 Mathematics Curriculum
 Language Arts Curriculum
 Science Curriculum
 Social Studies Curriculum
 board book
 3rd grade read aloud
 5th Grade Read Alouds
 4th grade read aloud
 6th grade read aloud
 8th grade short stories
 19th century
 18th century
 absent mom
 abstract art
 abuse prevention
 accepting others
 African American
 African folklore
 after school daycare
 Aldo Leopold
 alphabet book
 American history
 American Revolution
 analytical thinking
 Ancient Egypt
 Ancient Greece
 ancient history
 Ancient Rome
 angles (math)
 animal rescue
 animal sounds
 animal tracks
 Arab/Israeli friendship
 Arabus Family Saga
 Arthurian legend
 Asian culture
 Asperger's syndrome
 baby animals
 bad touch
 banyan trees
 bath time
 bathroom humor
 beauty shop
 bedtime story
 beginning reader
 being different
 being embarrassed
 being included
 being yourself
 Bible story
 Big Bang
 bipolar disorder
 black holes
 body image
 bone marrow transplant
 Books for boys who love video games
 books that make a difference
 brain injury
 broken leg
 Caldecott Medal
 Caldecott Honor
 capacity (math)
 Cat in the Hat Learning Library
 cause and effect
 cave dwellers
 cd included
 Central America
 Chanukah (see also Hanukkah)
 charting data (charts)
 Chesapeake Bay
 chick lit
 chicken pox
 child abuse
 child labor
 Chinese New Year
 Christmas book
 Christmas story
 circular stories
 city living
 Civil Rights
 Civil War
 class system (social)
 classification (math)
 climate change
 Cold War
 college life
 Colonial times
 combinations (probability)
 coming of age
 community helpers
 community service
 computer games
 concrete poetry
 coral reef
 Coretta Scott King Author Award
 Coretta Scott King Honor
 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Award
 Coretta Scott King Illustrator Honor Award
 counting by 2s, 3s, 4s
 counting by fives
 counting by 10s
 counting to 100
 criminal investigation
 criminal profilers
 critical thinking
 cumulative rhyme
 data analysis
 Days of the week
 Dewey Decimal System
 division (math)
 dog obedience
 domestic violence
 Down's Syndrome
 drug abuse
 drunk driving
 Dust Bowl
 dysfunctional families
 early reader
 Earth Day
 Easter bunny
 Easter Island
 eating disorders
 Edgar Allan Poe Award
 endangered animals
 endangered species
 English history
 equivalent values (equations)
 Eyewitness Reader
 fact vs opinion
 fairy godmother
 fairy tales
 farm animals
 feminist movement
 field trips
 figurative language
 figure skating
 finding your voice
 finding yourself
 fire drill
 fire safety
 first day of school
 first love
 first person voice
 five senses
 first haircut
 folk music
 following directions
 food chain
 forces and energy
 foster child
 foster family
 fractured fairy tale
 Frank Lloyd Wright
 free verse
 French Revolution
 fruits and vegetables
 fur traders
 gay and lesbian
 gender bias
 gender identity
 geometric shapes
 getting along
 getting dressed
 getting lost
 getting old
 girl power
 girl power middle reader
 girls boys
 global warming
 gods and goddesses
 going to the hospital
 gold rush
 Grand Canyon
 graphic novel
 Great Britain 19th century
 Great Depression
 great read aloud
 Greek mythology
 Groundhog Day
 group project
 growing old
 growing up
 Hanukkah (see also Chanukkah)
 Harlem Renaissance
 helping others
 hidden object
 hidden objects
 hidden pictures
 high interest/low reading level
 high school
 historical fiction
 how things work
 Hubble photos
 Hubble Space Telescope
 Hugo Award
 human body
 100th day of school
 hurt feelings
 I Can Read
 iambic heptameter
 Ice Age
 ice hockey
  ice skating
 If You Liked 100 Cupboards
 If You Liked A Corner of the Universe
 If You Liked A Kiss in Time
 If You Liked A Series of Unfortunate Events/Lemony Snicket
 If You Liked A Wrinkle in Time
 If You Liked Acceleration
 If You Liked Across FIve Aprils
 If You Liked Alex Rider
 if You Liked Amelia Bedelia
 If You Liked Among the Hidden
 If You Liked Angus, Thongs and Full Frontal Snogging
 If You Liked Aquamarine
 If You Like Books of Elsewhere
 If You Liked Bridge to Terabithia
 If You Liked Bud Not Buddy
 If You Liked Bunnicula
 If You Liked Captain Underpants
 If You Liked Charlie Bone
 If You Liked Chasing Vermeer
 If You Liked Chris Crutcher
 If You Liked Chronicles of Narnia
 If You Liked City of Ember
 If You Like Delirium
 If you Liked Diary of A Wimpy Kid
 If You Liked Diary of Anne Frank
 If You Liked Divergent
 If You Liked Dragon Rider
 If You Liked Ella Enchanted
 If You Like The Emerald Atlas
 If You Liked Encyclopedia Brown
 If You Liked Frindle
 If You Liked The Giver
 If You Liked Goosebumps
 If You Like The Graveyard Book
 If You Liked Harry Potter
 If You Liked Hatchet
 If You Liked Holes
 If You Liked House of the Scorpion
 If You Liked Hunger Games
 If You Liked Johnny Tremain
 If You Liked Indiana Jones
 If You Liked Inkheart
 If You Liked Ivy and Bean
 If You Liked Legend
 If You Liked The Lightning Thief
 If You Liked Lord of the Rings
 If You Liked The Lost Years of Merlin
 If You Liked Magic Tree House
 If You Liked Mallory
 If You Liked Maniac Magee
 If You Liked Matt Christopher
 If You Liked My Brother Sam Is Dead
 If You Liked Nancy Drew
 If You Liked Naruto
 If You Liked Nick of Time
 If You Liked Number the Stars
 If You Like Out of My Mind
 If You Liked The Outsiders
 If You Liked Ramona
 If You Liked Ranger's Apprentice
 If You Liked Redwall
 If You Liked Robin McKinley
 If You Liked Sammy Keyes
 If You Liked Secrets of Droon
 If You Liked Sharon Draper
 If You Liked Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
 If You Liked Skellig
 If You Liked Speak
 If You Liked Stargirl
 If you Liked Star Wars
 if you Liked Stuck in Neutral
 If You Liked Tamora Pierce
 If You Liked Tangerine
 If You Liked the Princess Diaries
 If You Liked The Thief Lord
 If You Liked the Time Warp Trio
 If You Liked The Westing Game
 If You Like Twilight
 If You Liked Walk Two Moons
 If You Liked Walter Dean Myers
 If You Like The Wishing Spell
 If You Liked Wolf Rider
 If You Like Wonder
 If You Like Zeke Meeks
 illegal immigrants
 independent readers
 industrial revolution
 inner beauty
 interactive book
 interpreting data
 interracial dating
 Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
 Jack and the Beanstalk
 Jack O'Lantern
 James Bond
 Japanese internment
 jungle animals
 King Arthur
 Klondike Gold Rush
 Korean war
 Ku Klux Klan
 L. David Mech
 labor unions
 language arts
 learning disabilities
 Let's Read and Find Out About Science Stage Two
 Let's Read And Find Out Science
 Let's Read and Find Out Science Book
 letting go
 library story
 lift the flap book
 loose tooth
 magical creatures
 magic tricks
 making a difference
 Manhattan Project
 marine animals
 martial arts
 matching patterns
 mature issues
 mature readers
 medical ethics
 medieval England
 medieval times
 Memorial Day
 mental illness
 microscopic life
 middle child
 Middle East
 middle grade dystopia
 middle readers
 middle school
 Middle School Book Club 6th Grade
 migrant workers
 Middle School Book Club 7th Grade
 Middle School Book Club 8th Grade
 military families
 mind control
 moon landing
 Mother Goose
 Mother Nature
 Mother's Day
 Motivation to do your best
 mountain climbing
 mountain men
 moveable parts
 movie (this book was made into a movie)
 multiplying by 1, 2, 3, 4
 my body
 mythical creatures
 narrative non-fiction
 National Book Award
 Native American
 Native American tale
 Native American reservation
 natural resources
 nature guide
 nature journal
 Nebula Award
 needing attention
 Needs vs. Wants
 negative numbers
 new baby
 New England
 new pet
 new sibling
 New Year
 New York
 New Zealand
 Newbery Honor
 Newbery Medal
 Norse mythology
 North Pole
 novels in verse
 nuclear power
 number sets
 number system
 nursery rhymes
 obsessive compulsive disorder
 Old MacDonald
 older readers
 One Book, One Middle School
 optical illusions
 ordinal numbers
 organ donor
 organized crime
 organizing data (math)
 Orphan Train
 outer space
 overcoming adversity
 overcoming obstacles
 paranormal visions
 part of a series
 peer pressure
 pen pal
 personal narrative
 personal narrative picture book
 persuasive writing
 phonological awareness
 physical challenges
 picky eater
 picture books
 place value
 point of view
 polar bears
 pop-up book
 potty training
 Pourquoi Tales
 power of positive thinking
 prairie dogs
 predicting (math)
 princess as a superhero
 Printz Award
 Printz Honor Award
 psychic ability
 psychological thriller
 pull tabs
 Pura Belpre Award
 racial differences
 rain forest
 Read aloud to 1's and 2's
 Read aloud to 1's, 2's and 3's
 Read aloud to 1's, 2's, 3's, 4's
 Read aloud to 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's
 Read aloud to 2's, 3's, 4's, 5's
 Read aloud to 2's, 3's
 Read aloud to 2's, 3's, 4's
 Read aloud to 3's, 4's, 5's
 Read aloud to 4's, 5's, 6's
 Read aloud to 4's, 5's, 6's, 7's
 Read aloud to 5's, 6's, 7's
 Read aloud to 5's, 6's, 7's, 8's
 Read aloud to 6's, 7's, 8's
 read aloud to 7s, 8s, 9s, 10s
 read aloud to babies
 Read with babies and 1's
 Read aloud to third graders
 realistic fiction
 reality television
 record holders
 reluctant listener
 reluctant reader
 Rosa Parks
 running away
 Santa Claus
 Schneider Award
 school bus
 school play
 school story
 science activities
 science fair
 science fair project
 science fiction
 Scott O'Dell Award
 sea creatures
 second person voice
 secret agents
 serial killers
 sequencing skills (math)
 sexual abuse
 sexual activity
 Sherlock Holmes
 shooting stars
 short stories
 show and tell
 Sibert Award
 sibling rivalry
 sign language
 simple machines
 single parent
 Sleeping Beauty
 snow leopards
 social class
 social skills
 social conditions
 socio economic differences
 solar system
 Sonoran Desert
 sorting numbers
 South Africa
 South Carolina
 South America
 South Korea
 Spanish American War
 spatial sense (opposites)
 special gifts
 special needs
 spelling bees
 Spur Award
 stage fright
 standardized testing
 standing up for yourself
 states of matter
 stories that make a difference
 storybook characters
 strong characters
 stuffed animal
 sturdy pages
 substitute teacher
 suspense thriller
 synonyms and antonyms
 taking care of library books
 taking turns
 tall tale
 Tam Lin
 Tang dynasty
 Teddy bear
 teen angst
 teen pregnancy
 telling the truth
 telling time
 the elderly
 Theodore Seuss Geisel Award
 three-dimensional shapes
 time travel
 timelines (math)
 tiny people
 tooth fairy
 touch and feel
 Tourette's Syndrome
 Trickster Tales
 trick or treat
 Underground Railroad
 understanding others
 urban fiction
 Valentine's Day
 very mature readers
 Veteran's Day
 video games
 Vietnam War
 Vincent Van Gogh
 Walter Dean Myers
 West Virginia
 White House
 Wild West
 wildlife biologists
 witness protection program
 women's rights
 word families
 working together
 World War I
 World War II
 yellow fever
 young listener
 Good for Reluctant Readers
 Part of a Series
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