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Bananas in my Ears

Reviewed by shawn.lane on February 01, 2013.

This collection of zany rhymes, riddles, poems and nonsense stories is a great fit for lovers of the poetry world. Silly pictures accompany the text to tickle the visual funny bone. There are certain sections that are entitled, “Things We Say” , “Nat and Anna, and “What if…”. Here’s an example of a “What If…”: What if a piece of toast turned into a piece of ghost just as you were eating it and you thought you were going to sink your teeth into a lovely crunchy piece of hot toast and butter and instead this cold wet feeling jumps into your mouth going, “Whooooooo!”….

ISBN: 9781406337556   96 pages.   Ages 3 and up.

Recommended by: Jenny Newstead, Librarian, South Carolina, USA

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