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Merlin: Great Tree of Avalon, Book 9 (Originally published as Book 1: The Child of the Dark Prophecy)

Reviewed by Guest on March 24, 2009.

Merlin has planted a seed and from that seed has grown a magnificent world - a tree made of seven root realms - and it is the "Great Tree of Avalon." In this world all things exist in perfect harmony. It is a place of peace and growth and wonder, but something is changing. The forces of darkness are threatening this wondrous place, and the grandsons of Merlin, Tamwyn and Scree, are called to go up against the evil powers. One of these grandsons will harbor within him the forces that can destroy Avalon. The other has the stuff to save Avalon. Who will save this world? This author writes with great imagination and powerful themes. Some of the best fantasy that's out there! Two sequels of this book are Shadows on the Stars and The Eternal Flame.

fantasy middle readers older readers dragons coming of age adventure Merlin mature readers


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