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Bus for Miss Moss (Usborne, Book 3) Bus for Miss Moss (Usborne, Book 3) Hot

Bus for Miss Moss (Usborne, Book 3)

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A Bus for Miss Moss (Usborne, Book 3)
Book Publisher
Usborne 2010
Part of a Series

A book for two voices with the harder words on the left side of the page and the beginner words in big, bold print on the right hand side. This is a silly book about Miss Moss who begins at a mill but who becomes ill. Then, she's on to a hut on a rock and at last a bed on a bus. This is a woman who just cannot keep still and now she and her bus can be on the move together. Bright, bold illustrations tell the story along with the very simple, easy text. 32 pages Usborne Very First Reading: Book 3 Ages 4-7

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