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Maddie has a special gift. She sees people's deathdate on their forehead. She can tell them the actual date on which they will die. It's something...
When Featured
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Is anything ever going to be the same? That's what Catrina is asking herself as she and her parents and her younger sister, Maya, are driving up the...
Ghosts Featured
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There are a million little memories and gestures and moments and misunderstandings and risks and mistakes that bind the members of any family to each other. Sometimes those bonds...
As Brave As You Featured
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Sisterhood.... has times when it's all about competition and being different but sisterhood always has an underlying love and a bond that surpass all the angry words and slights....
Maybe A Fox Featured
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This is a clarion call. Story.... what would our world look like if we did not share story? We are wired for story. We dream in story....
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Beans is the man of the house while Poppy is up north in New Jersey trying to find a job. His mom takes in laundry to make ends...
Full of Beans Featured
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Okay….so I had in my mind that Adam Gidwitz had been a second grade teacher before he wrote the GRIMM books, A TALE DARK AND GRIMM, and its...
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Two yellow bulldozers are waiting outside the walls of Emerson Elementary School. Their job is to tear the hallways and memories apart to make room for a supermarket....
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They made their own princess. They gave her red "chucks" and a pink skirt and a really big sword so she could fight monsters and ghosts and other...
I Am Princess X Featured
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Have you ever wanted to be a secret weapon? Meet Mo Jackson. Mo loves, loves, loves football. Every morning his mom gets him out of bed...
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This is a poetic celebration of nature written to the tune of our younger listeners. Fall is wonderful and it is full of gifts from Mother Nature that...
Wonderfall Featured
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Ask any child of a certain age, "What is the magic word?" and you are sure to get the dutifully rendered answer, "Please." They know it well. ...
The Magic Word Featured
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Necessary journeys. We all come to the point one day when we know we need to take some steps that will lead us away from our "normal" lives....
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Sometimes you walk into someone’s house for the first time and you feel hugged. It’s as though there is a warmth, a love, a security...
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Ghost by Jason Alexander Castle who nicknamed himself Ghost has a routine. After visiting Mr. Charles’ store for his usual purchase of sunflower seeds,...
Ghost Featured
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Everyone needs an Aunt Cora and Judith is lucky enough to have her. Aunt Cora is the one who calls her Jubilee because...
Jubilee Featured
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This is the story of a boy named Archer Magill and two weddings. On a hot August day Archer, age six, has made a plan to escape wedding...
The Best Man Featured
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Twelve-year-old Reena is the one who said, Maine, when her parents were trying to think of a new place to live. Both of them had lost their jobs when...
Moo Featured
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Tiny Stitches The Life of Medical Pioneer Vivien Thomas by Gwendolyn Hooks and illus. by Colin Bootman Imagine you have...
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Molly loves this moment. The moment right before she stands up in front of the microphone where anything is possible. Now the words of her poem come...
Finding Perfect Featured
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